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Connect both halves of the brain to be effective 11.03.2018

Business psychologist Claudia Nuss incorporates insights from neuroscience into her method.

The desire to be effective, Claudia Nuss knows of many of her coachees. Therefore, she developed a method that integrates quantum and neuroscience findings to help people achieve their goals. She takes those in the first step with their clients under the microscope - and lets them - "write down ten lines, what is the dilemma".

Together we search for the smallest lever that has the greatest impact on reaching the goal. Nuss gives an example: A manager wanted to achieve better self-PR for his area. During the conversation he states that he himself is more visual, his superior is more auditory. The lever: It takes stories instead of sketches, if your own work or a project is presented.

In the second step, says Nuss, it's about working at the goal. In three phases: first, to imagine with all the senses, to have reached the goal. For example: How is it when I am seen by the boards.

Secondly, Nuss says, "To work on beliefs that bring me to my goal." She uses special exercises to train her clients to connect the two halves of her brain. There is also an individual belief that encourages like i.g. "I'm doing the right thing / I'm going my way / I'm happy." Everyone decides for themselves whether to keep the sentence to themselves or to share them, says Nuss, Third, define an action plan with five to ten milestones, depending on the size of the target. In addition, it is important for her to train her clients for brain-friendly working at peak times and brain-friendly communication. No worries beckons Nuss, all this has nothing to do with esoteric at all.

Original article in German in Karriere