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Case study

DI (FH) R. Rumpler MA, MSc; HR-Generalist Training & Projects, 1,800 employees

Continuous Career Steps:

from feeling driven and stressed to inner satisfaction and more energy

Graduated from 3 (FH) studies:

  • • Graduate Engineer, Industrial Engineering
  • • Master of Science, Logistic & Supply Chain
  • • Master of Business Administration, HR Management

Very reflected AND successful nevertheless:

  • most often dissatisfied,
  • self-doubt – questioning himself again and again
  • pressured himself  repeatedly,
  • often stressed, because of the feeling to please everybody and often taking on (too) many tasks to help others,
  • had the feeling "I sit in a train and everything rushes past me"
  • anxiety versus trust is an issue.
  • feeling like living more in the past or in the future - than in the present!
  • feeling of "restless in search: it can (still) be better"


“I love the possibilities to shape my job, the responsibility that I have in my dream job, my girlfriend. I enjoy the quality time, that we have and I enjoy getting it to be in all dimensions of my life.”

 [1. Step: Analysis of the Present! ]

"We started with the question - what would be my goal and how I could recognize that I have achieved this goal?

Admittedly, I've been busy with it several times before, but never before so intensively and certainly I have not ever put it on paper before.

After we have brought all the topics which affect me and my goal on post it's, I must admit that it was a very exciting process. On the one hand it was a relief that it was "out" and on the other hand the topics are more tangible if one sees them before one. Also to take the time to write down my thoughts on paper was a very instructive and exciting experience.

[2. Step: Visualise your goal with all your senses]

When we were more and more immersed in the subject with your special questions - I have to say honestly, I already felt a "certain feeling" in me - it was the strongest, when you posed the question, once you have reached your goal

What do feel?
Where do you feel it?

[3. Step: Elaborate my personal affirmation]

It was as if you were actually connecting  EMOTIONS with words in the brain. Suddenly I had many pictures in my head, I could really feel the respective senses.

[And MY AFFIRMATION appeared, which I worked out completely by myself]

During the process I was always accompanied by a pleasant feeling.

When you read my "affirmation" after this process

"I am the happiest and most successful version of myself"

I was really impressed and a warm, pleasant feeling poured through my body.

How did I feel afterwards?

It sounds a little odd but at the beginning I thought well, anyway, it was a great process but really nothing is going to change.

But on the 2nd / 3rd Day, I suddenly felt, when I listened to my body more closely - after a long time again: I had, for the first time, restored a good and contented feeling in me, again.

Since then, I am no longer under the stress: to please others, but only to make it right for myself and indeed in a way, that feels good for me.

I have the feeling that everything is in a FLOW now. I’m much more mindful in the present and have achieved a higher quality of life for myself!

Furthermore, I also have the feeling I have more energy since having our conversation.

Everything is easier to handle.

My mindset has also changed, as I always think about the story with "Walt Disney and the 3 doors" and always catch myself - thinking about my internal critic  [instead of simply following my impulses].

Literally speaking, since then, a path has opened up on which "everything works" even if it does not work - because then I learn from it and make it better next time.

Before I’ve seen myself rather rahter critically and always my mistakes. I noticed, that it is really important what value I attach to situations.

NOW: I am doing really very well and I am happier than ever!