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Individual Module: Baseline analysis to evaluation

Individual Module lays the foundation for your success. It proceeds as follows:

1. ACTUAL & TARGET state: analysis of the current situation, definition of cornerstones, identifying the desired outcome.

2.A PROCESS WORK: Develop your individual supporting conviction to achieve the desired goal.

2.B MEASURES: Personal success factors and an individual action plan will be developed, so that you reach your destination easily.

3. Develop your personal working scheme, to reach your strategic goals easier. Keywords: brain-friendly working and brain-friendly communication.

4. EVALUATION: Individual follow-up discussion and readjustment of your individual brain-friendly way of working.

Brain-friendly work allows you to:

  • think more productively
  • work more effectively and
  • live more relaxed.

In this unit learn how to

  • pay attention to your inner rhythms and better regulate them,
  • use the energy levels in the brain for more productive thinking &
  • optimise your mental performance and think more productively.


You will feel how your supportive conviction starts to work instantly and how it is getting more and more intense!