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Improve your leadership skills - measurably!

Just imagine, with targeted coaching you could:

  • Improve your leadership competence.
  • Achieve clearly defined goals.
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and even,
  • generate a double-digit return on your investment.

This is exactly what Managers did with Business Coaching according to a study at the University of Zurich.

The improvement of leadership skills and goal achievement rates were investigated for three years. That was with only ten to twenty sessions over a period of six to twelve months.

Forty Managers, over 3 years and a result - that is impressive!

On the Corporate level, about 70 percent of the 36- to 55-year old study participants improved their leadership competencies.

  • 78 percent achieved their initially defined goals.
  • Social competence improved by 70 percent.
  • In the personal area, self-confidence and satisfaction with work improved significantly in 80 percent of the study subjects.
  • In addition, 75 percent achieved emotional relief.

And it gets even better!
According to a business investment calculation it was shown that coaching, with a calculated return on investment of 12.6 %, is one of the top investments in the Company. This specifically relates to the quantification of personal goals, so that the attainment of these goals was able to be given a financial value.

Conclusion of the study:

  • The earlier Business Coaching is applied, the greater the effects.
  • Setting specific goals for yourself is important for achieving good results.
  • The higher the social competence and social relief, the higher the persuasive power, which in turn positively affects the leadership ability.
  • There are still a number of unused potentials in productivity and development within the Company that could be increased by specific goals and individual success factors.

Are you thinking about how you could achieve such results for yourself?

I will be most happy to work with you!

Source: Study by Düringer, Thomas. University of Zurich. 
"Lasting effectiveness of Business & Executive Coaching".