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This is what my clients say about working with me:

Case study: DI (FH) R. Rumpler, MA, MSc,: HR-Generalist Training & Projects, 1,800 employees. Read more here

"I would just let it act like that. It works as well!"
[... The individual, new supporting belief]


"The path begins with me: Authentic guidance with conviction - and courage.

Is with the ES-sense method a strategic development of personality possible? Yes, if you have the courage to deal first with the development of your own potential. Because the role model for employees works and inspires. Thus it was possible - firstly individually, then in the team - to work out essences and to enable a deeper development of the potentials and transformation of the internal attitude. The results speak for themselves: Development potentials were visible within minimal time. Everyone in the team achieved self-defined milestones with a new inner attitude towards the goal.

No textbook method achieves this so far "

Ing. Johan Peneder, Research & Development, DOKA

Claudia Nuss managed to find the central mental theme needed to achieve my personal goals in a few hours. The unique, brain-oriented anchoring of a new strategic roadmap lead to an absolutely lasting change in the day's course and resulted in a positive reorientation.

Mag. Elmar Weixlbaumer, Managing Director, Goldegg Verlag GmbH

The work with Claudia Nuss shows a lasting effect, is efficient and delivers clear results. Especially in strategic future scenarios her simple questions help and her good sense to new inputs, which I had previously not thought of on my radar. My attitude towards goal achievement, te way to achieve it and the relevant decision criteria has changed positively. I was surprised by how much my conviction to achieving my goals was strengthened in my subconscious.

Mag. Andreas P., Managing Director


"Claudia has developed a methodology that helps you to bring the essential questions to the point and develop procedures and actions to reach your aims. The analytical process kicks off change immediately and it’s good fun to work with her. 
I can only recommend to try it yourself. It works!"

Mag. Thomas Estermann

Director, Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development at European University Association, Brussels


"Thanks again for the great session. It helped me a lot. Especially the approach not to quibble for long, but to consider actions to take straight away is very effective."

FH-Prof. Dr. Christian Kreuzer, Managing Director


"Claudia provides the knowledge, skills, experiences and insights to transform the way you think about yourself, others and life in general. These insights and strategies help you smoothly to look at issues from a different perspective, to understand your environment and your role in business better and so to achieve what you are looking for. On the one hand she is very professional and supportive on the other hand it’s easy going and a lot of fun to work with."

Thomas O. Bluth, Managing Director tiramizoo GmbH

"Working with you is like a holiday: inspirational, relaxing and lets one discover many – as yet unknown – new perspectives, which are essential for succeeding."

Hon. Prof. Dr. Rainer Hasenauer, Chairman, HiTec Marketing

"Since this shared event, our cooperation has massively improved. It is like night and day compared to before!"

Two Managing Directors


"With a high degree of professionalism, a clear plan and great intuition, Claudia Nuss took me on an inspiring, empowering journey to my true inner strength. Successes in everyday professional and private life started happening and continue to have a lasting effect. THANK YOU!"

Irmgard Kronsteiner


"I had the opportunity to completely work out my own solution."

"The security is there to have considered all aspects at the finish line and to experience a complete sense of achievement."

"You hit my struggles like hitting a nail on the head."

Susan Kast, San Francisco


"I have my acquired topic in the back of my mind. The anchoring has worked really well."

"I have three exciting weeks behind me.
My motto has given me strength.
My fellow men can no longer throw me off course so easily as I am sure I am doing the right thing"


"Thank you for bringing me to my core so quickly and wonderfully.
Here lies the source of my strength for my daily actions (without burning out)."

Annette Braun, Managing Director, Früchte Braun GmbH


"I would like to sincerely say thank you again. It really was a Gordian knot and truly a result of trust that I was able to win over in such a short time."

Vera Brandes, MSc, Managing Director, Sanoson

"You make flowers bloom where no one would have believed that anything can grow!"

HR Dr. Franz Wesely, Regional Education Authority Lower Austria




Dear Ms Nuss! Thank you for your lecture, I could take some new suggestions with me!

Best regards, Natascha M.

Dear Ms Nuss, thank you very much for the inspiring speech.

Ms. Nuss's speech was very helpful.

For me it as a great inspiration for further development.

Ms Nuss also had a competent, pleasant appearance and could convey the content easily.

Competence, ability and content were excellent overall.

I like the speaker very much, she was practical, very understandable and what I appreciated most was her natural and modest appearance, which underlines competence.